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You can contact the band through Gary Munce or Michael Smith

Mike Smith and His Cadillac Cowboys having been playing in one form or another since 1972 (click for history of the band). The band plays a mix of Western Swing, Country, 50's Rock n Roll, with a little folk thrown in for good measure. If a label were required, it would be difficult to come up with one, though the music has at various times been described as "Adult Saloon Music," "Swing 'n' Roll," and just plain "Serious Fun."

You can hear samples of the band's latest CD (June, 2000) on the Music/Samples page.

Here's what Joe Tiboni, a veteran of the Ann Arbor and southeast Michigan music scene and honcho at WEMU-FM had to say in his liner notes for the CD:

Some traditions die hard; others just continue to survive despite all odds. The latter is the case of Mike Smith and his Cadillac Cowboys. When Mike Smith and His Country Volunteers first took the stage of Mr. Flood's Party in Ann Arbor, back in 1972, one never knew what assortment of rag-tag volunteers would show up from one week to the next. Eventually, the lineup began to solidify into a regular outfit that came to be known as the Cadillac Cowboys and, 28 years later, here they are playing the western swing, boogie woogie, classic country and rock 'n' roll that's as comfortable as an old pair of cowboy boots. Amazing enough. But what's more amazing is that the Cadillac Cowboys play their tunes with the same freshness, rawness, and energy that they brought to the stage in those early years. These cats just love to play. This disc reflects the Cadillac Cowboys' style - live, natural, and joyful. No layered tracks here. No overdubbed solos and post-recorded vocal tracks. This is the Cadillac Cowboys the way their fans know and love them. Just six guys in the studio, playing and singing their music together. And for those of you who were there in the beginning, we wouldn't be surprised if, as you listen to this disc, you begin to envision the Tiffany lamps, long crowded benches, peanut shells on the floor, Ned behind the bar. Those days may be gone, but this music is timeless. And so, it seems, are the Cadillac Cowboys. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride!

Go on, book the band for your next musical event. You know you want to. Simply email Gary Munce .