Mr. Flood's Party Reunion Party

From 5/7/98

El Niño Does it Again

Everything lately has been blamed on El Niño. It's high time this web site got on the bandwagon.

Though the first inklings of activity in putting together the summer's premier Western Swing event historically come in late February when Alan begins his annual agonizing over a date for the event, this year, clearly due to the unusually warm season we have experienced caused by El Niño (or perhaps not so clearly), things started a bit earlier.

The First Robin

In late January, Alan got a call from Zeke Mallory with the idea of putting on a Mr. Flood's Party reunion. Would the Cadillac Cowboys like to be involved? Would we like to combine our regular event and this monster blowout? Needless to say, everyone who has heard of this so far has been extremely warm to the idea, again, clearly due to the El Niño effect. Alan's own enthusiam for the idea springs solely from the warm, nostalgic feelings for the great Flood's days, and not, as some would intimate, from the relief of knowing that there are several other people who have taken the proverbial longhorn by the horns and are taking on some of the planning.

Zeke along with Ned and Raul and David L. and JoAnne M. and Marge E. are in on this.

Date is set

Some people first worry about getting all their ducks in a row and then act while other people act and then let the ducks get in line to participate. Alan seems to be in the former category and envies those like Zeke, in the latter. If you remember last year, the date wasn't set until late April, admittedly due to extenuating circumstances like Kevin moving about 12,000 miles away. This year, thank goodness, Zeke just went for it. No messin' around. So, ...

Current rumor has it that July 11, 1998 is the day, the big day. Pencil it in, folks. Better yet, use a pen. Let your kids color in the day on the calendar in crayon! This is the Saturday before the Ann Arbor Art Wars and so there should be no excuse as to why you either couldn't make it because you were busy with the Art Wars, or alternatively, that you had gotten the hell out of town to avoid them.

Several other musicians and bands from the old days have agreed to play at the Reunion. Don't miss it.

By the way, The Cadillac Cowboys / Country Volunteers will playing the night before at the Top of the Park in Ann Arbor.


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