History of the Band

From the Folk Revival of the 1970's were born many bands and performers of many schools/styles. Among others, there were the Guthrie-ites, the Delta Blues-ites, and there were the (my personal favorite) Bob Wills-ites. Ann Arbor's Premier Western Swing Band went under several names: The Country Volunteers, The Cadillac Cowboys (not to be confused with the Detroit band by the same name which didn't even exist until well into this band's continuing fame). From Friday afternoons at Flood's to Joe's to The Pig to a never-ending string of Last Performances, the band has created a nearly 30-year history. If you are reading this, you may very well already be part of that history. If not, it's not too late to start.

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The history was written using preliminary interviews with Michael and Kevin, with some added information from Barb and Louise. Please, if you have any comments, corrections, anecdotes, memories or stories about the band, help me out. 200 heads are better than one. Just e-mail me, Alan Pagliere. Remember to include dates for your anecdotes and memories if you can. Even statements like "I remember it was around the time that so and so got married...." will help. Thanks. People are always filling in details. Most recent help came from Tom Wise.