Alan to Kevin, 2/3/98

From: Alan
To: Kevin
Date: 2/3/98
Subject: Flood's Reunion

So, how about a vacation in sunny Michigan during the July 11 weekend? As I may have mentioned before, Zeke Mallory got a hold of me and asked whether we wouldn't mind combining the Cadillac Cowboy Reunion with a large Flood's Reunion he and some folks were thinking about. We all here (Michael, Gary, Kelly, Pete, Hugh, and I) are up for it. It looks like Zeke is getting together with Ned and Raul and others to put together a big party. Looks like it is set for July 11, the week before the Ann Arbor Art Wars at the KofC Campgrounds on Dexter Rd., kind of by default.

As part of your two year stint did you get a vacation back home in the middle, to break it up?... I didn't think so.:) Well, hey think about it. It sounds like fun. We don't know who all else will be playing music that day but since they're thinking of making it an all day affair, they better have some others!!

Well. That's all for now.

Hello and hugs to all


P.S. - Remember my e-mail address from 2/6/98 on is below.


                 Alan Pagliere



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