Alan to Kevin, 2/13/02

From: Alan
To: Kevin
Date: 2/13/02
Subject: Re: Howdy and News

And the other hafa adai to you,

Glad to hear you're playing. So are you playing country and folk or bluegrass. I take it you are mostly guitar, but do you saw the old fiddle too? How did your steel playing ever come along?

Also great to hear that Caroline is playing guitar. I'm sure we could figure out a way to get you your guitar. Have you had other valuables shipped to you there? I could find out about USPO, UPS and DHL costs and get back to you. I happen to be swamped at the moment with work, but if you remind me come March, I would be happy to investigate.

I take it from all of this that you are not coming back in the foreseeable future. I remember you signed up for a second 2-year stint, but can't recall when that was or when it would be over. However, if you are having things shipped that way and not this way, I can only deduce that you are staying put.

As for the Cowboys, Kelly decided for the second time to leave the band. That was late last year. We had another wave of angst and plans for searching for a guitarist. It was during a meeting of the band members at the Del Rio when Hugh suggested that he ask Dave Kaftan, the guitarist in his other band, The Blue Rays. Dave seems to be on board. We've had a few practices and he seems to be doing quite all right. He's a blues man and the swing has to get in his head before it's gonna come out his fingers, but I think he's on the right track.
We had to cancel one gig in January, but other than that we haven't because ... well, because we haven't had any gigs. We hope that come spring, we'll be together enough that we can go out and solicit places to play, not that we have that much luck in getting them interested. Everybody wants original music it seems. None of this stuff written by dead guys.

I have been getting the urge of late to get a new steel. We'll see how that pans out.

Liene is fine, Alex is fine. And tall. 6'3". Second semester at the U of M. In town, so we see him from time to time.

Hope you all are doing well. News of the family?


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