Alan to Kevin, 8/13/97

From: Alan
To: Kevin
Date: 8/13/97
Subject: News from the mainland

I complained to Liene yesterday that that wise-guy, Kevin, hadn't contacted anyone yet through e-mail. Como si nada, she said that of course he had. Kevin sent e-mail quite a while ago. Not suspecting an easy explanation, I complained that that wise-guy, Kevin, had the gall (or is De Gaulle) to send e-mail to her but not to me. Well....

I just got the e-mail forwarded to me. And simplest of simple explanations, you have my e-mail address as It is in fact:

So there you go. I take back all disparaging thoughts thunk.

It sounds like you have all hit the ground running. Work, school, life. We have heard much news from that side of the world of late. First the crash on Guam and then, last night, watching the Weather Channel, I saw that some Level 5 storm ("Willie" I think it is) just passed by the Northern Marianas. The storm has sustained winds of 165 mph, with gusts very nearly 200. Wow. It seems however, that Saipan and Guam didn't get much more than 50 mph while the more northerly islands got the brunt of the thing. Weather can be exciting. I once lived through a full hurricane including the eye, an amazing experience. However, I have never seen 200 mph winds.

I will e-mail again soon with a description of the summer musical events. Believe it or not we had three, count 'em three, gigs in one year. There was TOP, there was the Last Performance Ever X and there was the Ann Arbor Fart Air. I returned from Japan fully jet-lagged and nearly fell asleep at the Vegematic. Good thing I didn't as my face would have been shredded from the 12 slicing surfaces on the contraption.

Of course, now that you have, I assume, web access, you can try the Gig Page:

Then again, perhaps you only have e-mail and not full Internet access. Let me know.

In any case, I am happy to know you are all well. Please say hello to all.

The weather here has been wonderful and somehow unusually cool. It's beginning to make people concerned that autumn will come after this summer in a fashion similar to other post-summer autumns we have occasionally experienced.

Nothing else terribly new. Please change the e-mail address you have for me in your records. I will pass your address on to the rest of the gang and I will keep in touch.


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