Alan to Kevin, 9/16/98

From: Alan
To: Kevin
Date: 2/3/98
Subject: Hello

No real news here. Just thought I'd drop a line.

Alex has started 10th grade. Next term he starts driving. Help.

We had a very successful first year in beekeeping. Only one hive, but we have harvested a good bit of honey and plan to start a second hive next spring.

Though I hate to admit it, I actually went to the International Steel Guitar Convention. I had been avoiding it for nearly 25 years, but somehow Liene and Kelly joined forces to convince me to go. It was, shall we say, interesting. The highlights were Buddy Emmons playing and a guy named Joe Wright. Those really were the only highlights. The rest could be written off as a cultural experience. Feedcaps, polo shirts, and pot bellies. A reasonable amount of gospel this and that mixed in. Ooh. Needless to say, we did not stay for the Sunday morning church service. I like to keep religion out of my steel playing. And, I suppose, in that way, I am unlike most of the steel players in the US!!

Anyway. Very interesting. I did finally succumb and purchase a George L pickup. It is installed and sounds quite wonderful although I need to learn how to adjust my amp for the new sound that comes out of the pickup. BTW, is the ground the center contact or outside contact of a regular guitar plug? I may have it soldered to the jack backwards. It's remarkable I have come this far playing an electric instrument without knowing the simplest of electronics.

So, now I am all inspired and no place to play. I miss twin guitar stuff.

What else of news? Summer is almost over. Alex had a busy summer with regular camp, a trip with a pal, a computer camp here in AA. Weather still nice. New roof on house. Dogs still a pain in the butt. Training to possibly run the Detroit marathon in October. Ugh. That's about all.

How about you all? What's the latest?


                 Alan Pagliere

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