Alan to Kevin, 9/23/97

From: Alan
To: Kevin
Date: 9/23/97
Subject: Your news ... around the world

I have been updating some of my personal web page and while I am at it, have tweaked a few things on the Gig web page. I wonder if you would mind if I put some of your e-mail news from afar on the band's site so that interested people might know what's up with you. Your prose is so good and the news so interesting that I think people would enjoy it. This of course, assumes (and it is a big assumption) that anyone visits the web site at all.

Perhaps I could put our e-mail correspondence, your and my replies, on the site.

Whaddya think?

Otherwise, how's trix? Any typhoons lately? Here, nothing new. Getting a bit cooler. Into the mid 30's tonight I believe, but that's a bit unusual. The sun is beginning to disappear earlier and earlier. I have ordered a "sound mod" from Peavey for my Nashville 400. I found out about its existence on the Pedal Steel Guitar Forum:

I think I will soon be upgrading the crummy pickup on the thing as well.

Well, TTFN

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