Alan to Kevin, 11/25/97

From: Alan
To: Kevin
Date: 11/25/97
Subject: No News is no news

I realized today that the e-mail ball was in my court, as those yankees say (or is it the Knicks?), that I owed you news. I suppose I am somewhat reluctant to send news since not only is there not much, but what there is can in no way compete with your descriptions of the devastating, and otherwise diverting, disasters wrought by Winnie, Willie, or whoever they are naming big whirling winds after these days.

Here Alex has turned 14. Party good. He is pretty much now officially a teenager, in attitude as well as chronology. It doesn't, however, get in the way of his being a good guy. It has snowed several times in the past couple of weeks; a bit early this year as we do not usually get ground-sticking snow until Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a couple of days away. I am looking forward to a full day in the kitchen and some several people over for dinner. Other than that, nothing much is new.

On a musical note, the band has not gotten a gig in town as we were hoping. I am, however, considering getting together with a sax player I know and putting together a small band to do swing-like stuff, standards, etc. The current theory is steel, sax, piano, drums, bass. We shall see if the sax player, who is quite open minded can convince others that there is potential in this slightly wacky combo. I have also decided to buy a new pickup for my steel and find a machine shop that can copy some aluminum parts I need to add a few changes to my steel's pedal setup.

The web page continues to evolve. A couple more minor changes were added last week, some extra info, some new links from the History Page to external sites.

Well, as I say, not much new. Just wanted to say hello, see how you all were (I assume that the weather has quieted somewhat now that it is autumn). How did the elections turn out? How is your case load? How are Margaret and the girls? How is your steel playing coming along?




   Alan Pagliere                  



   Computers allow you to make more mistakes in a shorter period of time

   than any other development in the history of mankind,

   with the possible exception of handguns and tequila.

    --- Mitch Radcliffe


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