Alan to Kevin, 12/16/97

From: Alan
To: Kevin
Date: 12/16/97
Subject: Quick note: Another one?

While eating breakfast this morning, I peeked at the Weather Channel and saw that yet another typhoon was moving NW and right smack dab on top of Guam and its environs. They reported sustained winds of 110 mph and one reported gust of 205 mph. I figured I should e-mail you and see if Saipan and its most important residents, you all, are still in tact.

When you get power again, and a break from the repair work, please e-mail me and let me know you're okay. I guess the question is, when the hell are these typhoons going to stop? I knew they went late in the year, but I'm sure you would agree that this is ridiculous. I once visited Tokunoshima, a miniscule island north of Okinawa, about big enough for 4 (or was it 3 ?) angels to dance on. It was December and a typhoon had just passed by. It was of course, warm and sunny. Because December often means snow and cold, it's easy to assume that typhoon conditions aren't in place. Is there ever a time in Saipan when you don't worry much about the weather?

How are you all? Still holding up? Let us know.

Here, we had about 6 inches of snow about a week ago. Now, surprisingly, it has been sunny for two days and in the balmy 40s. A few days away from Xmas. The masses are in a shopping frenzy; you have to park in Ohio to shop at Briarwood. But, at least it's northern Ohio.

I haven't had much luck in finding an interested sax player to get the ball rolling on the swing standards band I envision: steel, sax, piano, drums and bass. Alas, the dream may never come true.... We shall see. Michael played at the "Gypsy Cafe" a couple of weeks ago. Very nice. Gary and Kelly backed him up and they all sounded great.

No other news to speak of. Hope you all have a good Christmas, New Year, or whatever people on the island celebrate around this time of year.



   Alan Pagliere                            


         I've heard of lettuce, but this is radicchio.

             --- Alan Pagliere on "The Yuppies' Diet"


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