Kevin to Alan, 5/3/98

From: Kevin
To: Alan
Date: 5/3/98
Subject: On the road again, kind of....

Dear Alvino,

I sent a quick E-mail to Kelly Schmidt at on the subject of making an electric guitar, but I'm not sure if that is his correct address. Please let me know if that is wrong. Our snail mail address (for Reunion mail) is .... We don't have mail delivery available here on the island, so everyone has a P.O. box. We also don't have more than a half-dozen street names, although we do have more streets than that.

Next week I go to Toronto for a conference on Asian Organized Crime, which will be held at the Sheraton. It will cover such fascinating topics as alien smuggling, money laundering, Internet terrorism, and other such heartwarming topics. For the 5-day conference (from the 10th to the 15th) they had to add 6 extra travel days, so I leave the 7th and return the 18th. Unfortunately, I won't have time to stay and visit anywhere, and my only layover of any real length is in Narita, Japan, outside of Tokyo. Still, it should be interesting and a chance to make some contacts that will be useful here. I suppose I shall be able to tolerate staying in a Sheraton for a few days, although it feels strange to be going on such a long trip without Margaret and the kids, since we do everything together. Any suggestion of things to do in Narita? I arrive from Saipan at 7:30 on the 7th, but don't leave until 1:10 the next afernoon, so I could fit in a quick jaunt somewhere if I really plan it right. I also have a layover on the way back of potentially longer duration, since the government travel agent has me wait listed on that flight on the return. Northwest usually puts connecting passengers up in the Ramada about 1/2 hour from the airport, and gives vouchers for dinner and breakfast. Know of any must-see places in that vicinity?

Hasty Luego, Kevin

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