Kevin to Alan, 6/2/00

From: Kevin
To: Alan
Date: 6/2/00
Subject: Re: Top of the Park and LPE 13

Dear Alvino,

I downloaded "Six Pack to Go" and "Coal Tattoo" after receiving your latest spam. Great Job! How can I get a copy of the CD? It is a bit peculiar to hear the tunes and not be playing them, but Kelly holds his own as a guitar picker. Tell him I enjoyed his playing, and look forward to hearing more.

The rest of the boys sound great as always - everything in its proper place with Hugh and Gary, and Pete hasn't lost his wonderful touch. The steel sounds good as well. Even on the poor sound quality of the Real Player, it sounds rich and fat - not the tinnyness I so often hear. I can't wait to hear the whole thing on a real sound system. Looks like everyone got to sing, too, which will be a treat.

I rebuilt a Strat over the past few months and have been playing with a couple of guys I work with, but nothing gig-oriented at this point.

Give my best to everyone, including Liene and the Teenager, and the diehards at the Top of the Park. And congrats on the CD!


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