Kevin to Alan, 9/17/98

From: Kevin
To: Alan
Date: 9/17/98
Subject: Hafa Adai

Dear Alvino,

Great to hear from you! The ground is the outside ring of the socket; and the shank, but not the tip of the plug. I know the feeling of wanting to play, but not having the necessary mix of other instruments. I would like to, too, but lack the time (and an electric guitar). I play around the house occasionally, and got out the steel a couple of weeks ago. The kids had fun with it as well.

Work is really busy, mostly due to the beastly amount of paperwork we must prepare ourselves, instead of having a secretary or someone qualified do it. I spend hours every day preparing charging documents, correspondence, etc. Yuck!

I am still awaiting a detailed, blow-by-blow description of the concert and subsequent Floods reunion. How were they? I did happen to see on the Observer's web site calendar that the band was paired up to split the bill with a jazz band from ?Detroit? Make any new fans? See some old ones? We are back in typhoon season, but have lucked out so far. They are predicting a more severe season, but the weather has been fine so far. We have even had some evenings in the 70s, which are a refreshing change from the heat we had in August.

We are planning to come back to the mainland for Christmas, spending about 5 days in Ann Arbor, and 4 days in Mass. with my family. Should be a real change from the laid-back lifestyle we have gotten so accustomed to here. I read the local papers via internet regularly, and am appalled at some of the goings-on, especially ion the political scene. Geofrey Feiger? Come on....Also, of course there is the President's little difficulty. As a trial court attorney I am constantly aware of how difficult it is to find the truth about important events, and when I see someone intentionally fabricate I quickly lose all respect for them. So much for Bill, although I strongly suspected he was "honesty-challenged" before he was reelected. Sorry to make this so short, but I have court prep to do for the 'morrow. Fill me in on the details of the band gigs when you get a chance. I haven't checked the gig page for a long time. Any updates there? Give our best to Liene, and hide the car keys.


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