Kevin to Alan, 9/28/97

From: Kevin
To: Alan
Date: 9/28/97
Subject: Electronic Repairs

On the subject of electronic repairs, modifications, etc. Bill Abbott used to do occasional work for me on various pieces of equiptment such as amps, and I found he did a good job and understood the subtelties. You might consult with him in your quest to upgrade your Mashville 400. You could also pass along my fond regards while you are at it. Someday I hope to get another Telecaster to tinker with. I would be happy with one in a basket as long as I could put it back together and make something of it. The price of most I've seen has been prohibitively high. Anyway, thanks for putting together all the correspondence. I would enjoy hearing from our past friends, and perhaps we would settle (or start) a few of the inevitable rumors.

Caroline looked at the Gig page yesterday and was impressed. She said "Gee Dad, you're famous!" Nice work, Alvino. I owe you one. KAL

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