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Old "News"

The Cowboys had a heck of a great time playing at a local benefit concert on July 16, 2000. Alan woke up well before dawn to drive in from Indianapolis that morning so as not to miss the opportunity. Why such an effort? Because the headliner band was the unbelievably hot Hot Club of Cowtown. Elana, Whit and Matt, a trio of virtuosos that plays clean, hot Western Swing, simultaneously traditional and new.

The highlight for the Cowboys was the chance to play along with these three, forming a 9-piece Western Swing band that ran through a few tunes, including but not limited to Right or Wrong, Miss Molly, Take Me Back to Tulsa). Then again, perhaps the highlight was just listening to the Hot Club do their stuff.

For more information on the Hot Club of Cowtown, check their label's web site at and click on "artists" and then "Hot Club of Cowtown" or go right to their spot.

Probably the best party of the late 20th Century, The 1998 Flood's Reunion took place in July. Perfect weather, on the order of 800 people. We're talking a nostalgic get together that hadn't been seen since ..., since ..., the days of Flood's. Click here for information!

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