Pitcher Passers Hall of Fame
Over the years, we have had some very wonderful folks pass pitchers for the band during all those otherwise non-paying gigs at Flood's, Joe's, The Pig, not to mention all the Reunion gigs that barely, if at all, break even. The names of these wonderful folks follow:

Names of Fame

  • Barb Newell
  • Mary Jo Wholihan
  • Louise Lutton
  • David Lutton
  • Harvey Newell
  • John Sayler
  • Wendy Raymond
  • Leslie Pettis
  • Alex Pagliere
  • … and many more (help us out; tell us names to add to this list)

If you remember any other folks who have lent their talents to pass that pitcher, including yourself, please e-mail the GigMaster with their names so that they may take their place among these other greats.