History of the Reunions

What is so amazing is that the Reunions have been going on long enough that even they have a history of their own. You know you are getting old/wise when things have a meta-history.

The first reunion was just that, a reunion. After several years of not having played together, partly because life was getting too complex to have time to play music regularly, partly because there was a palpable lack of places to play in town for a band of this type, and partly because Kevin and Pete had moved out of Ann Arbor, we thought it would be a good idea to have a reunion. It was to be a real swan song, a real Last Performance Ever.

Held at Jay Stielstra's old place on Waters Road, a great time was had by all and we (musicians and audience alike) went home happy and sad that that was it.

As the following winter broke through, it occured to me that the band might be willing do a 2nd Annual. A few phone calls later, it was set. Number 2 was to happen. That was the beginning of the never-to-be end. We've just kept on going. Here is the list of events:

As you can see, not all this is done. In order to make the following pages-to-be of value, I need help recalling things that happened during the events. You were all there. Send me your fondest(?) recollections.

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