Last Performance Ever 1988

last updated 10/29/97

After not playing for a couple of years, I thought it would be a good idea to get the band together one last time before bidding good-bye to the years of memories.

I called the most recent band members: Pete Falkenstein in New York, and Kevin Lynch, Michael Smith, Hugh Huntley and Gary Munce, all in Ann Arbor. Sure let's do it. Where? At Jay and Sally's place on Waters Road. Tom Bray, who had done sound for the band back at Flood's from time to time would do the sound.

The day before, Kevin and Alan loaded a rather heavy piano on a pick-up truck and drove it (Alan in the back holding it so it wouldn't tip much) in the rain to Jay and Sally's.

The day of the gig, Alan, Pete, Kevin and Hugh grunted it up the hill to the stage area. Video was taken and Tom recorded the gig from his sound van. The audio tape has to this day never been heard by any of the band members. If anyone knows where it is, e-mail the GigMaster.

More to come....
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