Last Performance Ever IX

updated 10/29/97

Check this page later, as we expand, both textually and graphically, the history of this particular LPE.


We picked 6/29/96 because we didn't want to interfere with the plans of those in our audience who might be music lovers and were thinking about attending the Frog Island Festival (not like we've ever made that mistake before... and like any of our audience would be music lovers...). Frog Island was going to be on June 22. We penciled in June 29.

Then news came that the Frog Island Festival, due to a lack of accomodations in the area for performers and festival goers on the weekend of the 22nd, was being moved to June 29. Being the accommodating folk that we are, we penned in June 22.

On April 4, 1996, I received news that the Frog Island Festival has been moved back to June 22. So, you guessed it. Back to June 29, 1996.


The die hards came early and set up the tent. Thanks to neighbor Larry for his help. Paul Townsend did the sound. By 3:30pm, the first sound check was in progress. Hey, hey, hey, check, one, two, ts, ts.

It was a hot day, but it did not rain! The band played well. Andy Sachs sat in during the last set on an extra piano. There was the appropriate mix of Western Swing, Country and 50s R&R. Cool.

We expected fewer people than actually showed up and the keg actually emptied much earlier than it should have. Even so, the crowd did not turn ugly and by the time the band was finished playing, there was a smile on everyone's face. Kids played in the kiddie pool and sprayed each other with the hose. Adults ate and drank too much. Or was it the other way around?

Thanks, as always, go to Jay Stielstra who so graceously allows his house and property to be taken over by such a bunch of groupies and the low-life they come to hear play.


People started drifting away, the sun started going down, the mosquitos starting dining. Rumors have it that the die hards left at about midnight. The following morning, several individuals showed up to tear down the stage and clean up the yard. Plans begin for next year. Return to Reunion History Page

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