Last Performance Ever XV

The date was set a few months ahead of time to coincide with an Ark reunion weekend. We set that up so that those musicians, who used to be Ann Arborites, visiting from out of town to play at the Ark, might join us at the party. [Editor's Note].

The day came. It looked potentially rainy. Just after Gary and Alan built the stage and Michael arrived with the canopy, and Pat Greeley, et al, set up the sound system, the skies opened up and an ocean fell. The start of the music was postponed from 3 till 4 pm. But the show went on! (click any photo for a larger version).

Nevertheless, people showed up. The Cowboys took the stage for the first set. Michael, Gary and Pete. Here is Jim, boppin' and Pete, groovin'. Here's Alan Choo Choo Ch'Boogying (note Hugh's teeth-gritting expression).

A good time was had by all.

During the first set, we were fortunate to have David Cahn and Bill Myer (both of whom used to be in the band back in the old Flood's days) play twin fiddles on several tunes.      

When the Cowboys took a break, several others took the stage, including our host with the most, Jay Stielstra, Chris Buhalis, Amanda Baily.

As Pete and Jim both had to leave a bit early, the Cowboys took the stage for a final set, sans piano and guitar, leaving Alan to try to make the pedal steel sound like every lead instrument known to mankind. Had he known he was to be charged with this onus, he would not have cooled off with so many beers before playing the last set....

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Editor's Note (the views expressed here belong solely to Alan Pagliere, keeper of this site): It's particularly unfortunate that Michael Smith, such a part of the same Ann Arbor music scene as some of the others invited to play at the Ark,